What clients are saying about working with me


“I would’ve never thought that only one coaching session would have such an impact on me.”

Soumaya has been such a kind listener and wise guide. She managed to lead the conversation with the most authentic and meaningful questions. I ended up expressing things I never thought were hiding there in my subconscious mind.

The next day I felt somehow lighter, as if I was able to leave behind a burden that I was dragging with me for a while.

So grateful for crossing Soumaya’s path.


“I came out of the session with an answer that I’ve been searching for a while.”

Before the session, I was confused and didn’t know what I wanted. I was lost between who I was and who I am today, as if I didn’t know who I am or what I want.

During the session, I felt I was talking to someone who wouldn’t judge me at all. I felt like I can be myself with this person. And it was a beautiful experience.

I really recommend a session with Soumaya and I believe that she’ll work with each person depending on their needs.


“Soumaya helped me get clear on my vision.”

I really enjoyed the way the session unfolded, Soumaya helped me get clear on my vision and highlight my ideas.

The session had a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere, and of course, Soumaya listened to me carefully and guided me to find the right direction and the starting point.

I recommend the session to anyone looking for the path to success.

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