Hi! I’m Soumaya

I’m passionate about everything yoga, mindfulness, and personal development. I’m also a little bit too obsessed with the color red and Indian culture.

Welcome to my little universe!

My mission is to help you grow into the person you want to become and create the life that you want for yourself, all while enjoying the process.

I’m here to show you how you can begin to create and enjoy your dreamlife.

Let me tell you a little about my story:

I grew up in a simple family where we struggled most of the time to just meet basic needs. I believed that if I worked hard and got a degree and a good job, I would be able to get us out of that situation and start thriving.

Halfway through university, I ditched education for a job that was far from what I wanted but that I believed would help improve my family’s life situation. And it did.

But God I was depressed.

Before I knew it, years went by with me feeling so unsatisfied and hopeless. I knew there was more to life, I just had no clue how to go about that.

I started actively searching for my purpose, trying to figure out what is the meaning of life and why even bother. You can’t imagine the number of times I opened Google and typed questions like:

How do I find my purpose in life?

How can I make my dream life come true?

How to find happiness?

And that is how my journey began.

There were many answers, many paths, and I explored as much as I could, from using the law of attraction to dabbling in modern witchcraft –don’t tell anyone about that one, though.

I’ve tried every personal development tool I stumbled upon, every spiritual practice I felt called to. I’ve spent years reading, researching, watching videos, following mentors and coaches online.

I found the tools that work for me and that I will be sharing with you in my blog, but I remain forever curious and open to learning more.

If you resonate with my story, then you are probably just like me: committed to your growth, to learning and practicing and manifesting the next, brilliant version of yourself.

And I got you!

I’m here to show you that you can get out of the life situation that you were born in and begin to create for yourself a life worth living.

But while we’re doing that, let’s not forget about fully enjoying the now and being present in each of the experiences we go through no matter how mundane or simple they are. I truly believe that working on our internal world is one important pillar to transforming our external reality.

Yoga has taught me to trust, be patient, and surrender.

Mindfulness has taught me that happiness can be found in every moment.

Personal Development has taught me that the next version of myself is always just around the corner.

In my blog, you will find:

Step by step guides to making your dreams come true

Practical ways to deeply enjoying your everyday life

My experiences with spirituality and personal development

My latest insights and breakthroughs

Stories from my -mostly- solo travels

If you are committed to your growth and would love to discover just how magnificent life can get for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

This is going to be an amazing journey for you, and I’m so excited to accompany you through it.

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